50 Reasons We Love Summer in the South

Three chefs from the South’s most peach-proud states face off


Ramon G. Jacobsen, sous chef at Odette

Florence, Al

Testimony: “When I came to Alabama from Peru years ago, the fruits were one of the things I missed the most. But then I had Alabama peaches—sweet and juicy with tender skin and soft flesh—and I fell in love.”

Try this: “I like to follow a peach soufflé recipe from my father, who owns a catering business in Lima. He combines sponge cake with layers of peaches, dulce de leche, and crème chantilly. It has been one of my favorites ever since childhood.”


Greg McPhee, executive chef at The Anchorage

Greenville, SC

Testimony: “Even though Georgia goes by the nickname ‘Peach State,’ South Carolina produces more of that fruit each year. In Upstate South Carolina, our peaches benefit from hot days and much cooler nights that help concentrate the sugars and create tastier and juicier fruit.”

Try this: “At the restaurant, we like to pickle them with star anise and cinnamon for use in later months in both sweet and savory dishes.”


Steven Satterfield, executive chef at Miller Union

Atlanta, GA

Testimony: “I understand that there is a perceived ‘rivalry,’ but I’d just like to set the record straight. Georgia’s nickname is due to its reputation for producing the highest-quality fruit, period. So what’s the issue here? Just take one bite of a ripe, tangy, sweet midsummer Georgia peach, and let those juices run down your chin. You can decide for yourself if our state is worthy of keeping its title.”

Try this: “Toss sliced cucumber, sliced peach, mint leaves, and shaved fennel together, and simply spoon it over a serving of Greek yogurt mixed with garlic, salt, and fresh lemon. Serve with seared fish.”

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